5 Tips for Building Your Brand with Outdoor Advertising

5 Tips for Building Your Brand with Outdoor Advertising

By effectively branding your business, people will begin to associate the name of your company with the products or services you sell. For instance, when your logo is displayed, people should automatically associate it with your company. Here are five tips to help brand your business through outdoor advertisements.

Keep Messages Simple

Whether your advertisement is on a billboard or on the side of a bus, your message will usually be glanced at for just a few seconds. To ensure it makes the greatest impact, your message should be brief, to the point, and memorable. There isn’t time for complex ideas to be communicated on a billboard or a sign at the bus stop because it will only be seen for a few seconds as people pass by. However, a brief message can have a lasting impact when it is done well.

Be Consistent

Wherever your advertisements are seen, whether on a billboard, on your website, or in a television ad, they should convey the same message—to buy your products or services. Even if the ads are very different, the underlying messages should be consistent and not conflict with each other. Consumers can be confused if you try to convey too many messages at the same time, so be consistent to help build your brand.


Use Colour Effectively

While you may think bold, bright colours will more easily draw attention to your advertisement and get your message across, they can be too overwhelming. Instead, have the ad designer use one bright colour and mute the others in the ad so your brand colours stand out. Your use of colour, just like the message you’re conveying, needs to be consistent. Use the same colours for your advertising, your logo, uniforms, your website, and on any printed materials so that people make a connection between the colours and your company.

Place Ads Appropriately

Whether your ad is in a train station or on a billboard along the highway, you need to make sure it has the best exposure possible. Have the outdoor advertising agency you’re working with, such as Bishopp, place your ads in multiple locations throughout the city instead of having just one ad placement. Your ads will make more impact with multiple exposures than having a single ad seen only once a day.

Be Patient

An outdoor ad isn’t going to make a large impact on your business overnight. Billboard advertising takes time to be effective, so be patient and develop other advertising strategies to complement your outdoor ads. When you develop other advertising strategies, but consistent with the message and the visuals to help build your business brand.

Building your brand take times, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. All successful companies are recognised by a logo, the colours used in their ads or printed media, and a tagline. It doesn’t matter what type of products or services you sell, branding your business means your customers will instantly recognise your name. When someone needs what you sell, your company will come to mind first.

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