Four Benefits of Working with a Swiss Holding Company

Four Benefits of Working with a Swiss Holding Company

The benefits of working with Swiss holding companies have been well documented. As a country that understands the necessity of helping businesses excel and not crippling them with high taxes and unrealistic laws, international businesses have a great deal to benefit from by utilizing the services of holding companies located in Switzerland.

This is especially true for holding companies located in Canton Zug. To give you a better idea of what these advantages are, here is a deeper look at some of the main benefits of working with a Swiss holding company.

Low Corporate Taxes

The most obvious benefit associated with working with a holding company in Switzerland is that the corporate taxes in the country are some of the lowest in the world. While other countries like Cyprus and Ireland boast low corporate tax percentages that are around 10%-12%, Switzerland’s corporate tax is just 7.8%.

This is a major advantage for many international business owners looking for opportunities to maximize their revenue without having to worry about the business-killing effects of high taxes. With the asset management services that most holding companies provide, this can be a great way to ensure your company is not being crippled by government taxes.

Established and Experienced

Another benefit of working with a Swiss holding company is that most have extensive experience providing asset management, group management, and company formation services within the country. These companies are well established and understand the processes that businesses need to go through to take advantage of the benefits associated with holding assets or forming a company within Switzerland.


While this is true for most Swiss holding companies that you will encounter, it is important that you do the necessary research to determine that the company you intend to work with is both established and experienced. This is especially true for international companies that are unfamiliar with the economic landscape of Switzerland.

Favorable, Business Friendly Location

Yet another major benefit of working with a Swiss holding company is that Switzerland is located in an extremely favorable, business-friendly location. Its location in Central Europe makes it a great spot for international companies to expand their prowess and brands throughout the Western world.


It is also an accessible destination to travel to and from, as it is known for being a safe country that is free of oppression and issues with terrorism.

Low Personal Taxes

Individuals or business owners that live in Switzerland also have the opportunity to take advantage of very low personal tax rates. The income tax rate throughout the country averages out to about 16.7%.


Even if you do not work or live in the country, there are still opportunities to take advantage of the personal tax benefits that are offered. This is especially true if you own real estate there, or invest without being under a company name.

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