The advantages and disadvantages of buying used cars from a private owner

The advantages and disadvantages of buying used cars from a private owner

Buying a used car is a delicate process and there are several things that you should take into consideration. A private owner may be someone you know like a family or friend; it may also be a complete stranger you’ve just been introduced to by someone in your network or someone you have met online. There are pros and cons to buying a used maruti suzuki alto in India Bangalore from a private owner.


  • Great deals – the main benefit of buying from an owner is that you’ll get a great deal since there are no middle men. The dealer may also be looking to make money quickly and does not have good negotiating skills. This will surely save you some good money.
  • Negotiations – usually, the private owner is looking to make a certain amount of money and you can easily judge it by the first asking price. The negotiations are more friendly and less restrictive unlike one with a sales person who’s been trying to have you give them more money.


  • Attachment – when buying a car from the private owner, it may be difficult to hold proper negotiations. This is because the car means something to them and they are not ready to let it go that easily. They can be difficult to work with as they see the car as a memory rather than a product to sell.
  • Warranty – this is one of the downsides as there is no protection after buying. Once you get the car and drive it away, it means any issues you encounter from that moment is all own you. This is not the same case when it comes to dealerships as they may give you consumer protection for a certain period of time.
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